Friday, March 15, 2013

Exciting News...come and play along with FUSION! {Guest Designer Search}

Well I am pretty pumped to share some exciting news!!! Jackie Rockwell and I have been collaborating together for the past month and we have developed a brand new card challenge club together!!! Eeek! It is called "FUSION".  We are launching the blog today, please click HERE to visit the blog.
Grab Our Badge!

I am not going to be designing for the challenge, Jackie and I decided to run things "behind the scenes"!! We have a talented line-up of designers. I am in awe of each of them!! 

Jackie's Challenge

Lesley's Challenge (That is me!)

FUSION Challenge 

The concept behind FUSION is as simple as 1, 2, 3! There will be THREE Challenges offered each week!
  1. I will offer an Inspiration photo...
  2. Jackie will offer a Sketch...
  3. Or you can combine both our of challenges and create FUSION!!
There are winners each week and honorable mentions too! Just look at the fun badges Jackie designed!


To get the beakers boiling and to start our hypothesis right now, we are having a little FACEBOOK contest...please LIKE our FACEBOOK page and let us know whether or not you would be interested in being a guest designer for FUSION. Would you be interested in designing for an inspiration photo, a sketch or combining both to create FUSION?

We will choose three applicants to join us as a Guest Designers for our first challenge on Friday, April 5th!!! 

DEADLINE to apply as a Guest Designer: Friday, March 28th


  1. yahoooooo!

    Looking forward to working with YOU and the fabulous team!

  2. Whoo Hoo, we're off and running!!! So excited to work with you and all the wonderfully talented designers on the Fusion DT. It's been a "BLAST" creating this challenge with you Lesley! ;)

  3. Can't wait. ;-) Looking forward to the fun!

  4. Congrats Lesley, looks like fun!

  5. You need to be in a think tank somewhere! Your have the best ideas!

  6. The is so very exciting Lesley, you have a great team of talent lined up to inspire!

  7. So excited to be working with you Lesley :)

  8. Yay! Yay! Yay!! This is going to be so much fun! I'm thrilled to be working with you, Jackie and all the other extremely talented girls!

  9. Congrats on your new adventure Lesley! How fun, I can't wait to play along :)

  10. How exciting, Miss Lesley! I can't wait to play along!! I've liked your FB page ... and let me know if you need a sponsor for a prize :) I wish you lots of success with your new challenge blog :)

  11. I don't know how you have time to handle one more challenge blog plus design but I'm sure glad you do. Looking forward to this one.


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