Friday, April 13, 2012

Design Team Call for "Dynamic Duos" my newest challenge...

I am starting another Challenge Blog...just one more I promise! This idea has been in my head for over a year and I really want to get it in motion.  I am holding an open call for the team...I hope you will consider applying...everyone is welcome to apply.

Here is the link to the new Challenge called "Dynamic Duos":

The blog is still under construction and I will be working on it further during the next couple of weeks.

Design Team Call
Dynamic Duos is looking for a group of team players to join this exciting new challenge. The challenges run on Saturdays.  This is a 6 month commitment.

The Design Team:
  1. Creates a project for each colour challenge (one per week).
  2. Comments on cards submitted to the challenge.
  3. Follows the team guidelines and expectations.
  4. Posts a Design Team badge on their blog and must have a blog.
  5. May use any product for their projects.
Deadline: Tuesday, April 24th by the end of the day.  Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible.

The first challenge begins on Saturday, May 5th.

To apply please email me at thepaperplayers at yahoo dot ca or click on the envelope in my banner at the top of this blog.



  1. Lesley, I am laughing out loud at you! ANOTHER challenge?! I am sure it will be fabulously successful, just as your others are!!! You do things wholeheartedly, my friend! Good luck with your new venture (or should I say "ventures"?) ♥

  2. Lesley - I echo LeAnne's comment - I am sure Dynamic Duos will be a resounding success. And you are truly superwoman! Wow, I'm amazed at all you do... Best wishes with this you endeavor, my friend!

  3. Good luck Lesley, I think you already have some fabulous challenges, and I'm sure this one will be no different.

  4. Lesley...You AMAZE me! I can't wait for this challenge!

  5. What a wonderful concept!! Can't wait to play along. Colors sometimes baffle me but surely two will be less overwhelming for me. ;-) You really are amazing!

  6. Two colors! Be still my heart!

    Sounds like a great challenge and I can't wait to play along.

    You are truly Superwoman, Lesley! Now you just need a cape to go along with your super powers!

  7. You are truly amazing ....OMG!!!

    What a fun and fabulous new creation, I love this concept and I too can't wait to play along!


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