Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas in Ontario

What a start to Christmas morning, my husband and I were having fun, posing for one of our dopey pictures we usually like to take. For some reason, we have a few of these types of pictures that have been taken over the years! It is like we were meant to be or something! LOL!We are currently in Ontario, celebrating Christmas with my husband's family. Above is a picture of my husband Corey with his mommy and his sister Glenda. My mother-in-law is amazing when it comes to Christmas...her home is all decorated with cute little snowman and awesome christmas decor. Her tree is a black Alaskan spruce with all white and silver is spectacular. This morning we opened our gifts and have just had a brunch. My sweetie is sleeping in the arm chair, relaxed and happy, spending Christmas with his mommy. Boys oh Boys, were we ever spoiled! Here is my brother-in-law Rob, looked relaxed and happy!Today we are going to visit my husband's granny who is in the hospital and then we will come back here to enjoy a Christmas feast cooked by Corey's mommy. Here is his mommy, all dressed up as Mrs. Claus!Just look at her new home. She and her husband just built this gorgeous home over the Spring and Summer. It is stunning! It is like going to stay at a fancy B&B! I must get outside to take some pictures of this beautiful town, there is a lot of old architecture to admire. This morning as we were opening gifts, we saw a red-headed woodpecker outside. Corey took some pictures of the bird. This is Corey's mommy and his sister, Glenda showing off the new gold earrings Corey picked out for them. Look how happy Corey and his mommy are to be spending Christmas morning together!!!! Can you say CUTE!Here are our lovely hosts, in their new home on Christmas Day!


  1. Lesley, what a fabulous post. thank you so much for sharing. You are right the Alaskan spruce is fabulous all decked out and as for the new house... wow! Great spotting of the pileated woodpecker, they are amazing birds! I'm so pleased you had such a fabulous, warm and family filled Christmas.

  2. Looks like you had a fabby Christmas!! Talk about winter wonderland and the perfect hosts too.
    Hope you have as spectacular a New Year!
    Sandra x


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