Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meet "Adnil"!

I have exciting news to share! My mother-in-law, Adnil, has a brand new blog up and running! She has begun to make cards and wow, she is a natural! She has always been crafty with folk art painting and with crochet, so card making seems like a good fit for her!

The other night, she made three cards and she has linked them up to her blog (lovingly designed by her "favourite" and "only" daughter-in-law)! 

Please stop by to become a follower and leave her some love!


  1. Very nice header for your MIL. I checked out her blog...she's a natural at cardmaking. Beautiful work!

  2. How fun, Lesley! I will happily go and introduce myself! Hugs, Llenrad

  3. How much fun it must be to share a hobby with your mother-in-law. I know how much sharing with my DIL's mean to me.


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