Monday, January 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

This weekend I was off on a romantic getaway with my hubby.  He got the getaway for me for my birthday in August and I have been waiting patiently for this weekend to arrive!!  We went to a wonderful spot on the West Coast and had our own little cabin with a fireplace and soaker tub!!  I was in heaven!  Thank you sweetie for my special weekend away!!

On Saturday, right before we left, I saw that Ann Schach of The Stampin' Schach, had chosen me to receive a Stylish Blogger Award!!  Wow!  I was tickled pink!!  Me Stylish?  LOL!!!  Thank you Ann for thinking of me!!  The rules are I need to share 8 things about myself and then choose 8 more bloggers to receive this award!!!

So 8 things about we go!!!

1.  I LOVE sushi!!  It is my favourite food and I often have sushi with my best friend Jake.  The best time out for us is sushi and a movie...yep, that is about as perfect as it gets!!

2.  I used to sing professionally on stage.  I have a degree in Acting and Directing as well as a Diploma in Musical Theatre.  Theatre was my main livelihood up until 2004 when I had to stop performing in my usual gig.  I would sing about 20 songs a night with 4 can-can dancers dancing all around!!  I loved that gig and even met my husband!!  He followed me home.

3.  I had Melanoma in my left leg.  I had three surgeries to deal with the cancer and it spread to my lymphnodes.  It was a scary time and it happened in 2004.  That sort of ended my performing career as I wasn't the "mover" on stage I once was after that.  The reason I share this is because so many people do not know how deadly melanoma is and my cancer was a small mole on my leg, the size of a pinhead.  I NEVER imagined that it could be cancer and could spread throughout my body.  I am happy I got the mole off and the doctors removed my lymphnodes from my left leg.  I have been cancer free for 6 years and try to be happy everyday!!  So get your moles checked and GET 'EM OFF!! Better off, than on!!

4.  I love to sketch layouts for my cards!  I have a sketch pad in my purse and beside the bed for when inspiration strikes!!

5.  My hubby and I were married on St. Patrick's Day!  It is an easy date to remember and we had a great party!!  We are both Irish and thought this would be a natural fit.  My grandparents on my mom's side were married on St. Patty's Day too!!  In England, during WWII. 

6.  I have one sibling, who is a singer and a beautiful dancer.  She is almost 5 years younger than me.  Her name is Kelley and she is super-talented and lovely.

7.  My favourite season is Spring.  I love the birds, the sunshine, the frequent rain showers and the brightness.  I always feel so much better when Spring arrives.

8.  I love fishing.  My husband and I spend our summer holidays, fishing and camping.  We have a little boat and a truck/camper combo.  I love sitting by the lake, reading a good book or sketching a card design.  It is the best part of the summer.

Now I would like to pass this award onto some fabulous bloggers who have lovely blogs and who send me sweet comments and who inspire me with their work.  I noticed that my fellow Paper Players Nance, Ann, Anne-Marie and Jaydee have all received this award already!!!  Congrats girls!!!

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Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. It is amazing what we learn about each other this way isn't it? I loved reading your 8 things and sooooo glad that you are free of the C! I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation with your sweet hubby! Congrats on your stylish award, well-deserved! {{hugs}}!

  2. WOW Lesley! Thank you so much for passing this award to me! I just received it from another blogging buddy recently (see my 8 "facts" on my post on 12-12-10) So nice to know that there is another "fisher-person" out there like me! I simply love to fish - so relaxing and just good for the soul too! Thanks again for passsing this to me. Love your blog as I get so much inspiration from it!

  3. I enjoyed reading your 8 facts! How fascinating! You are certainly "Stylish" and so deserving of this award!

  4. Thanks darlin... that is very kind of you, even though i am not a card maker... lol... but thank you.

  5. Congrats on your "Stylish Blog" award. I enjoyed reading the 8 things about yourself and I am glad to see that you are a cancer survivor. We often don't think about melanoma coming from a province that is not baked in sunshine all the time. Take care and thanks for sharing you.


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