Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crazy 4 Challenges-Celebrate Something

Over at Crazy 4 Challenges, they are asking for a card or project to celebrate something!!!  I received a call at midnight last night from my best friend.  She was calling long distance, from a party, to say Happy New Year!!  My best friend Jackie is not only fun, hilarious and kind, she is true-blue!  We met on our street when I was 7 years old and she was 5 years old!!  We are now 35 and 33!!  She was the maid of honour at my wedding and she has been there through thick and thin with me!! So when I saw the challenge at Crazy 4 Challenges, I created this card to celebrate my friendship Jackie to let her know how much I love her! She is like a sister to me.

This photo below is of the kids on my street when I was a kid!!  I am in the middle with my arms around the little boy sitting on my sled.  That is Mikey, Jackie's kid brother!!  Jackie has her hood up over her toque.  She is to my left.  The girl to my right is my cousin Kate, who I will be seeing today!!  My sister Kelley is sitting beside her.  The little girl in front of Jackie is Vicki, her sister.  The other two kids on the end are Laura and Nick, neighbours on our little street.

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  1. What a sweet card for a sweet friend!! How lovely, and rare, to remain friends for so long!!!! Awesome!

  2. LOVE that photo! It's just as sweet and timeless as your lovely friendship card. {hugs}

  3. Your card is as wonderful as that picture! Nothing better than a childhood friend!


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