Saturday, June 30, 2012

Linda's Surprise Blog Hop

My friend and blogging buddy Linda Callahan is taking a wee break from her design team commitments and card making hobby because she is expecting her first grandchild! I am so happy for Linda. Not only is she a talented stamper, she is a wonderful person full of good humour and hilarity! She is a gem! To celebrate her upcoming foray into Grandma "hood" I have organized some of her blogging friends to wish her well!!! I will miss her at Freshly Made Sketches for the next few months and hope she will return soon!

Each of us in this hop will be sharing what our grandmother's meant to us! I was close to both my grandmothers and cherish the wonderful times we spent together! My Grammy's favourite colour was purple and her favourite flower was the hydrangea. She would walk me to the mall, just down from her house and we would go shopping at Woodward's together. I was very close to both of my grandmothers, they taught me so much and shared wisdoms I am only now beginning to understand and fully appreciate.

Happy Hopping...please click on Mary Fish's name to start the hop...

Congratulations Linda!


  1. it's amazing how much our grandmother's affect our lives . . . especially as we get a little older and reflect back. thanks for sharing your memory. hugs, mary

  2. Lesley, this is the first time I have ever gone through an entire blog hop and I have to thank you for organizing such a sweet foray of memories. Everyone had great things to share (and cards) but I love walking down memory lane with my own thoughts of my only Grandmother, whom I am named after.

  3. Wonderful memories! I'll bet it always takes you back to her when you see hydrangeas!

  4. And you are supposed to be on a break! This was the most wonderful surprise - I was blown away when I saw Mary's blog this morning. Thanks Lesley so much for putting this together - I don't know how you do it all! And I am so honored you want me back - hopefully by the end of September. Such sweet memories of your grandmother! xoxo

  5. Thanks for hosting this hop for a very special lady! Linda is awesome! Loved about your grandmother's, Lesley! It is wonderful to reflect on those wonderful memories, isn't it. Big hugs, friend!


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