Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rolley Rocket Dog

We lost our beloved Cyrus the Wonder Dog this month and told ourselves that we wouldn't adopt another dog for a while because we needed time.  My husband and I were and still are mourning the loss of our "Cy" Guy.  We discussed it and decided, to honour Cyrus' memory, would would make a donation to the Animal Shelter.  I was on the SPCA website, looking for information on how to make a donation when I saw this sweet face below.  He was at a shelter close to us and he looked like a very nice guy.  My heart just melted.  I sent the link to my husband and we decided to call about him. 

He already had an adoption pending but my husband was determined to meet this little guy and to save him.  So he wrote a letter to the gal at the SPCA about our loss of Cyrus, about our experience with husky dogs and that we had lots of trees and wilderness around here for him to romp through.  The gal contacted us and decided to let us see him.  We caught the early morning ferry and went straight to the shelter, second guessing our decision to even look. 

When we got there, they had him in the parking lot and he was looking right at us as we drove in.  Of course our eyes both welled up and we were overjoyed to see him.  We took him for a walk, along the river and he was calm and cautious, just like us!  He just melted our hearts and we knew that he needed to come home with us.

We brought him home and have been experiencing a lot of happiness since.  Although it has only been since Saturday, he has taken up a huge place in our hearts and he has brought us laughter.  We didn't know what to name him and couldn't decide.  Then in the middle of the night on Sunday, I said to my husband, how about Raleigh?  He liked it and said, "Let's spell it "Rolley" as it was more fun and it ended in "ey" like my name Lesley and his name Corey.

I looked up to see what Rolley means.  It comes from the word "Rollo" which means "Wolf".  Our Cyrus was part Wolf and we wonder if he had a hand in naming Rolley.  The name just came to me and it has stuck.

To all my friends, near and far, have a very, Merry Christmas!!!  Thank you for all your well wishes and care about Cyrus.  Although our hearts will always hold Cyrus near we have opened our hearts to Rolley.  He is truly our Christmas miracle.

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  1. Lesley, I am all teared up reading your post! Congratulations on your adoption of Rolley. He is such an adorable boy and it sounds like a perfect match. (He looks like he is smiling in the picture!) I am so excited for you both as you open your hearts and home up to another loving shelter dog. Sometimes they just FIND you (that's what happened with our Emmitt) and I truly think there is a reason for that. Merry Christmas to you! Wishing you all the best this holiday season and in the coming year. :)

  2. Ohmygosh!!! I'm so happy for you guys! That is so awesome and truly a Christmas miracle!!!!! Rolley is a cutie and obviously meant for you.

    I love it when that happens!

    Merry Christmas Lesley, Corey and Rolley!!!!

  3. Oh, he is precious!!! You've got me all welled up here this morning!! As I'm trying to work on my hubby to bring #4 home to our house, I'm so happy you and your husband decided to save another so quickly.

    May Rolley fill the void that Cyrus left and thank you for fulfilling his life as well!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. Wow - that brought tears to my eyes too! What a Christmas miracle indeed! Thank you for bringing him home. He will have a very happy home with you. Both you and your husband and Rolley got the best out of this. He's a sweet looking fella!! Hope to see pictures of him on the blog as the months go by!

  5. lesley, I am so, so happy for all of you. I have no doubt that Cyrus led you to finding Rolley. What a wonderful Christmas present he sent to you :-)
    He has such a gorgeous face.
    I know you will all be very happy together.
    Biggest hugs

  6. Oh, Lesley! I am so happy for you! Christmas is the season of miracles and I am certain that Cyrus played a role in this! I can hardly wait to hear all about Rolley and his escapades as the newest member of your family. Merry Christmas, Lesley, and a joyous new year!

  7. Oh, I am SO thrilled that you have adopted another dog.....I would never want you to forget Cyrus, but God has given us the capacity to love more than one dog, cat, whatever pet you have!!! It is going to be a very merry Christmas at your home! Welcome, Rolley!!!

  8. Rolley, your little Christmas miracle, is just adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family, and your new little addition, Rolley.

  9. Yeah! I am so happy for you, Lesley...and for Rolley too. What a happy Christmas present for all of you. I firmly believe that Cyrus guided you to Rolley. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your time together! Happy New Year!

  10. Just found your blog and read it, I am so happy Rolley found the two of you, what a Merry Christmas for you all! Hugz n blessings. a new follower. renee

  11. Soooo difficult losing a pet - been down that road! But what an honor to your wonder dog to rescue another - so glad you found Rolley! Wait til it really sinks in for him that he struck gold! xoxox


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