Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Day at the Beach with Rolley

Corey and Rolley and I went to the beach to play today!  We did a big hike and ended up at the oceanside, watching the crashing waves.  Managed to get a few pictures before the camera batteries ran out (oops, I should keep them charged after taking photos of my cards).  I thought I would share some of the photos from the day with you.

The first photo is of Corey and Rolley.  A big hug for Rolley who was being a good boy, listening to dad.

I just love how this photo turned out!!  I took it quickly and didn't think it would turn out so well, but I think Rolley is super photogenic!

This photo cracks me up!!  Click on it to make it larger!!  Corey and Rolley are both smiling for the camera!!  SO cute!!

Here I am with Rolley!  I have on 2 hoodies, my coat and Corey's coat!!  It was freezin' out there!!  The hike did warm me up though!!

Here is the view of where we hiked.  It was a gorgeous clear day which meant cold weather!!!  But we had a great time and so did Rolley Dog.

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  1. I can almost smell all that fresh air!! What fun!

  2. Cold but what a beautiful day and one handsome rocket dog! :-)

  3. Aw.....thanks for sharing. I get my doggie fix vicariously through people like you! :D

  4. What a fun day! Rolley is looking handsome and happy, for sure!


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