Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exciting News and CHA Photos!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be continuing to design for Purple Onion Designs!!! Thank you to Michele for the invite to stay!!!

Here is the 2014 team:

I am also back from a trip to Anaheim and the CHA. Wow, what an overwhelming experience but I was happy to meet some crafty friends up close and personal.

Photo: On my way to the CHA!!! First stop, the SRM Sticker booth! See you soon, Susan McShirley. ♡

Here I am, pre-convention, ready to meet some people and to learn!!! 
I was a little nervous!

Photo: Susan McShirley.  ♡
First off, I headed off to meet the sweet and lovely, Susan McShirley of SRM Stickers. I love being on her design team and was happy to meet this lady in person! She introduced me to everyone and made me feel special. She is genuine and caring.

Photo: Great to see the Sweet Shop gals!

Then I met Mrs. Sweet (Sweet Stamp Shop) herself! Wow, what a firecracker! Nicole Rixon is one infectious person...positive, upbeat and full of life! I was in awe! I met her fabulous designer, Alyssa and of course, the lovely Dannielle who manages my FUSION team!!!! I was thrilled to hug that girl!! Hooray!!!

Photo: Met a good friend of Amy Tsuruta. :)
I met Ivy at the Lawn Fawn Booth! She was a doll and helped me with my make and take card!!! We had a mutual friend, Amy T....it was cool to chat!

Photo: With the lovely "Some Odd Girls"!
I was so happy to meet Suzanne Bier (a designer for Whimsy & Stars Studio with me) and the lovely Some Odd Girl ladies...what a nice group!!! Their stamps are SO cute!

Photo: With Tenia Renee Nelson. :)
Tenia and I hooked up briefly at the Convention, she was lovely and introduced me to some other crafters. It was nice to meet her!

Photo: A lovely lady!
And finally I met Leah L'Orange. This gal lives in the US but is originally a Canadian like me. We have chatted online before but I could really see what a gem she is. Down to earth and real! Love this lady. She made me feel welcome. Thanks Leah!!

Photo: Stacey Lang Schafer!!!
And finally my design team pal, Stacey. I was so happy to give her a hug. She was on the move all day and we only had a brief visit but it was great!!!!


  1. Congrats Lesley, no surprise there, you are awesome my friend. Great photos and so glad you had a great time!

  2. yahoooooo for the DT news and I love all your pictures!!!!!!

  3. Congrats! They are lucky to have you!! You do amazing work!!

  4. How awesome! Love seeing all the fabulous pictures and smiling faces Lesley!

  5. Congrats on remaining on the Purple Onion DT! I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their designs on your cards!

  6. YIPPEE!! Congrats Lesley, well deserved! Thanks for all of the cute pics, sounds like you had FUN!!

  7. Congrats on your DT and looks like you had fun!

  8. Congrats Lesley! I've really enjoyed your Purple Onion cards. Can't wait to see more. Hugs!

  9. Congrats on your continued DT role!! You rock, so why wouldn't you be?!? xoxoxoxo LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pictures of CHA - looks like you had such a blast with these ladies! *jealous!!* lol

  10. Congrats… I love Purple Onion… You lucky girl! They are lucky to have you as well.
    You were almost in my back yard. How fun to get to go to CHA and meet up with so many friends. You look adorable in all the pictures.

  11. Congrats on the DT return and what fun pictures. So jelli you got to meet a few of my "cyber friends".

  12. Great to know you're still on the DT! One of my goals is to add PO stamps to my collection, and with you as inspiration, it's bound to happen sooner rather than later! Photos are fabulous!1

  13. Holy Moly, I don't know if I can handle that much excitement in one post. Congrats on your new DT and so glad to see you had fun at CHA ;)

  14. Yeah for Purple Onion! And how fun to have gone to CHA and met so many of your online buddies and design team mates! Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. So envious that you got to go to CHA!! I bet it was inspiration overload :o) Congrats on the Purple Onion team!


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