Thursday, August 25, 2011

**New** Custom Designed Blog Banner Package Now Available!

After careful consideration, it seems that some blog owners would like a custom option!!  So I have decided to give it a go!  I will still offer some Pre-Made Banners too!

Custom Designed Banner Package     Cost: $60
  • One customized banner for your blog, designed by me
  • One "Shop Now" button that I will created to match your new banner
  • The banner and the button will be loaded onto your blog for you
  • I will fix your background to make it match the new look
  • I will fix the Post Titles to match the colours/style of your new look 

My Calendar:
-I will work on banners on a first come, first served basis. 
-When I receive your Pay Pal order, I will email you within 24 hours to confirm and to discuss design options. 
-At this time I have no waitlist.

Once a Custom Design Package has been paid for, there are no refunds UNLESS I haven't started designing yet.

The Fine Print:
-I use only Stampin' Up images and cannot use others at this time.
-I can ONLY design for a BLOGGER Blog, sorry I cannot design for other types of blogs at this time.
-When I install your new look on your blog, I will also add my Design Badge with a link back to my design blog.

In order to create a customized banner for you, I will need some information!!!  When I have received your Pal Pal Payment, I will email the Customized Blog Questionnaire to you!

Some things to consider:  Favourite Colours, Images, Clean Lines, Vintage, Modern, Cute...these are all things that will help me design something perfect for you!!!

Questions?  Please email me at


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